A monthly subscription for contents insurance

Designed for renters and homeowners who want to insure up to £40k in the home and up to £10k on the go.

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What we do

Brolly is simplifying insurance.


We help you manage your existing insurance with Policy Management.


We create new insurance products, starting with Brolly Contents.

"Best For Insurance"

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Brolly Contents

Brand new from Brolly – designed to be the simplest insurance you’ll ever experience.

A monthly subscription from £5 to protect only the things you care about, both in the home and when you’re out and about. No add-ons, no fees.

What’s more – we give you a loyalty discount every single month.

"Aiming to disrupt insurance"

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Policy Management

​Get on top of your existing insurance with our simple to use dashboard that consolidates all of your policies in one place.

Once you’ve uploaded your insurance policies, we’ll send you reminders of when your insurance is expiring, as well as letting you know if you can make changes to improve your coverage.

Policy Management

"Reinventing insurance"

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Brolly vision

We believe that insurance should be simple, easy and rewarding.

We’re building Brolly to create insurance that just works, enabling people to protect the things they care about in a simple and joyful way.